Monday, August 13, 2012


Butterflies 5 by susanvg
Butterflies 5, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Butterflies have been dancing in the garden, curtseying as they land on each flower. I have never seen as many as this year.

Butterflies 4

They flit from flower to flower, enjoying the sweet nectar, always looking for the next partner. They watch carefully for signs of danger. my moves provoked a flutter as they moved a little farther away.

Butterflies 3

Each flower enticed. What a visual treat!

Butterflies 2


  1. Great shots here! I spotted one or two butterflies today - hope they start flocking here too! Meanwhile I am certainly enjoying your terrific pictures!

  2. Very nice series! I like them all!

  3. What a serene, clear day! It’s so relaxing to see butterflies flit from one flower to another. I see more butterflies on the sunny next day of a rainy day. I wonder if the increase of them is related to last year’s weather?

  4. Your flowers are wonderful, Susan - such enticing colors. Undoubtably the butterflies are enjoying them!