Sunday, May 13, 2012

Singing by the Water

Singing by the Water by susanvg
Singing by the Water, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
I love to walk in Parc-des-Rapides. The birds sing accompanying the rush of the water as it hurtles through the rapids. It's hard to imagine what the early explorers thought when confronted with them. They had a long portage to get around them and continue their trip up the St. Lawrence River.

Through the Seaway

Now ships go through the seaway, bypassing the rapids on their way to the Great Lakes.


This is a popular spot for fishing. Some (as here) wade into the quieter water. Others stand on the water's edge, casting into the rapids. I'm not sure I would eat anything from this river. It picks up a lot of industrial waste along its path.

Posing in the Park

A park is for everyone: casual strollers, picnickers, cyclists and even wedding parties posing for their post-nuptial photos. 



  1. Perfect title for this post! You captured a very nice bird shot in all the beautiful green leaves. Your story that goes along with the water is really interesting!

  2. That's a turbulent river. I like the photo of the bike passing the wedding party!