Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moon Rise

Moon Rise by susanvg
Moon Rise, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
How do you capture the moon. So often I am enchanted by the moon hanging low in the sky. I reach for my camera, but the image in my brain is so much clearer and majestic than my camera can capture.

I never seem to have the right camera or right lens to share the scene I am seeing. I guess that is a major difference between me, the casual hobby photographer and the professionals. They check for nature's phenomena - times of sunrises and sunsets, times of moon rise. I just happen upon these things unprepared.


  1. It is tough to get that beautiful moon! I have better luck when it is still daylight and the moon has plenty of light. Your image still captures the essence of moonlight and pretty against the silhouetted branches! :)

  2. I have yet to capture the moon well. I happen upon things unprepared too but that is the joy of being a casual hobby photographer. Your shot gives a nice, clear view of the moon!