Monday, December 12, 2011


Cyclamen by susanvg
Cyclamen, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Delicate petals hover over the leaves of the cyclamen, like butterflies waiting to land. I delight in my indoor garden where some new plants have joined my old stalwarts.

My Christmas cacti have been good to me, flowering one after another so I can appreciate each plant's blooms.


My summer garden bloomed in profusion - it was the mass of colour I appreciated. But indoors I treasure each flower. Such detail to examine and marvel over the myriad of patterns flowers can take.

I am tempted by the flowers I see for sale. Like an insect, I am attracted by their colours; they lure me in. Can one ever have too many flowers in a home? I don't think I have yet reached that limit!


  1. They are so beautiful and silent.
    Merry Christmas,Susan.

  2. The colours and delicacy of the petals are amazing. Beautiful photography

  3. I love cyclamens, the various colors of flowers like red, pink, or white as well as different shapes of leaves and patterns on them. They are hardy in the cold, so in my part of the world, they can bloom in the colorless garden, and in the room they brighten up the room till April. I’m going to buy many pots of cyclamens as Christmas presents at a farmer’s nearby. Let's enjoy flower shopping, shall we?

  4. Excellent composition! I never tire of the flowers - how wonderful to have these inside to enjoy!