Sunday, October 23, 2011

Too Much Halloween

Too Much Halloween by susanvg
Too Much Halloween, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Everything about our lives has become commercial. And it seems, in this case, more is better. It's hard to teach taste. I remember when my daughter was young, she loved abundance - if one china figurine was good, then eight was terrific. But she grew out of it.

I used to love Halloween - the notion of disguise and ringing the bell of the neighbours we knew. My kids and I would carve the pumpkin after first deciding on a design. We had a few store bought decorations, but would also make our own - cat silhouettes, ghosts and jack-o'lanterns cut out of black bristol board and taped to the window. We roasted the pumpkin seeds. Costumes were made from things we had, making the missing pieces with fabric, cardboard and whatever else worked.

Now Halloween seems to be about candy. I admit - I no longer answer my door. There are no young children on my block, so all who ring are strangers and they seem to get older and older - barely in costume, but with giant pillow cases ready to catch as many treats as possible. I do enjoy some of the less decorated homes - but creativity counts, not just quantity!

By the way - here is the same house last Christmas.


  1. What are they thinking...????

  2. PS Susan, Have you read "Musicophilia" by Oliver Sacks? Just read a review and thought of you.

  3. Hi Susan, I'm so impressed that you have been photo blogging for so long! No better way to document the changes in your life, the seasons, the repeated seasons, your reflections. I gave up earlier this year but sometimes wish I hadn't.

    We have never done Halloween in Australia but we've always been influenced by American TV and commercialism so in the last few years children have started the door knocking, adults have had dress up parties and stores have cashed in on the goods. Some people have resisted saying it's not an Australian custom. I don't know the children who knock on my door and feel unenthusiastic about the whole thing because it hasn't sprung from authentic custom but advertising and copying.