Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Leaves by the Brook

Leaves by the Brook by susanvg
Leaves by the Brook, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: September 30, 2011
Another day, another walk, this time on an old railway bed which is now a linear park. A friend of mine cycled for a couple of days on this route. I'll stick to walking, or shorter cycling trips.

Despite the clouds, the fall colours were glorious. Again, there was the dichotomy of the vibrant reds and oranges and the plants whose colour has faded.

Milkweed Seeds

The path twists and new vistas delight around each corner. Water rushes along the river, over rocks, making babbling noises.

Country Stream

These old train lines were the doorway to the Laurentians. While it is wonderful to see them put to new uses, it is a shame that train travel is now more restricted to "profitable routes" - those between larger cities. Getting to the countryside now has to be done in a car resulting in traffic jams along the routes leading there.


  1. What is better than walking along water when the landscape is filled with change? Love the seed pod photo.

  2. I like your way to show the contrast of weathering summer and coloring autumn. That's a shame that people can't have a ride on a train in the countryside, though the walking route is too nice.