Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours by susanvg
Autumn Colours, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
A few days in the country surrounded by autumn's finery. Unfortunately the colours were somewhat muted by the clouds and rain showers. In a few moments of sunshine, I managed to capture some of the splendours.
Indian Paintbrush

I grew up with summers in the country. These flowers, which we called Indian Paintbrush (not sure if that is the correct botanical name) grew wild in the countryside. I love to see these hardy blossoms, still so colourful as many other flowers around them have faded.

Fallen Leaves

The rain and wind have brought many leaves down. Even on the ground their bright colours bring a sense of joy.


We managed to walk between the rain showers - great puddles reflected the view above.

Fading Ferns

As the trees put on their colourful show the ferns lose their zip, with sepia replacing their vibrant green. Changes happen from day to day. And the nip in the air had us sporting hats and gloves to ward off the chill.


  1. Great shots, Susan! I like the puddle and the fern. That fern has so much symmetry - you can see it more now than when it was green.

  2. Oh, these are lovely! I love the beauty we can find in leaves and you certainly have captured that! Great compositions!

  3. These autumn colors do bring joy! Really nice reflections and I especially like the leaves on the ground. We get to see such unique and lovely views "Through Your Eyes"!