Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Track Road

One Track Road by susanvg
One Track Road, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: August 10-11, 2011
This may look like a lane but in reality it is a one track road. While this one is narrower than some (it was part of a 12 mile detour), one track roads are common in northern Scotland. There is a whole etiquette to driving them.

Passing Place

If you are able to see ahead (not always the case when there are sharp curves) the one closest to the passing place, especially if it is on the left, pulls over to let the other pass. Both drivers wave thanks and continue on. If you meet someone unexpectedly (not unusual with these curves) the one closest to a passing place backs up. If there is someone behind you who wants to pass, pull into a passing place, the one who passes honks to thank you. If you are at a passing place and want to signal to oncoming traffic that you will wait for them to pass, flash your lights. The real challenge comes when you meet unexpectedly near curves. One of the drivers has to back up to the nearest passing place to allow the other to pass. It is all more complicated that fancy dance steps!

I found this challenging and I wasn't driving. But these roads took us through some spectacular scenery (though our eyes were often focused on the road ahead). Misty, rainy days brought moody closed in views and when the sun  shone, the vistas opened up to moors, mountains and lochs.

Kyle of Durness

Fortunately there were parking areas where it was possible to stop and just enjoy the views. Above is the Kyle of Durness. As we got near Kylesku the mountains were higher. They plunged down into the lochs. We decided against the very scenic route (another many mile one track road) as the main road actually allowed us to admire the scenery.


Even the main road (at this point two lanes - one in each direction) wound up and down the mountains.

Scottish Highlands

So many of Scotland's mountains are treeless. The views go on forever.


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  1. Wow! I wish I had had some of these to use for story starters in the classroom. Good work!