Monday, August 22, 2011

H.M. Hamnavoe

H.M. Hamnavoe by susanvg
H.M. Hamnavoe, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: August 6, 2011

We boarded the ferry to go to the Orkney Islands. Luck was with us as we had an easy trip. The day before the wind had been blowing hard and this area is known for cross currents.

Palm Trees in Scrabster

The gulf stream works its magic in this part of the world. In Scrabster at the north end of Scotland, there were palm trees in someone's small yard. We were to see them in several places along the west coast of Scotland.

Old Man of Hoy

The crossing takes about an hour and a half and goes past the island of Hoy with the Old Man of Hoy, a tall sea stack. Tiny birds flew near the ship - perhaps baby seagulls. We pulled in to harbour at Stromness.

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  1. Just reading about boat trips and high winds make me a bit seasick! That stack is magnificent. I had no idea it is warm enough in parts of Scotland for palms.