Sunday, August 21, 2011


Edderton by susanvg
Edderton, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: August 5, 2011
It is wonderful to wake up to sunshine, even if it doesn't last the whole day. It was a beautiful morning for a walk in this rural area. Sheep and cows were plentiful.

Sheep in Edderton

The countryside soundscape is full of baas and moos. From a distance we could see some highland cattle - but we hoped to see some close up.

Back in the car to head closer to Thurso where we would get the ferry for the Orkneys. We stopped in Golspie to admire the beach and wander through the town.

Beach at Golspie

The beauty of the countryside is only exceded by the beauty of the people - friendly, helpful and welcoming. As we were driving northward I spotted a herd of Highland Cattle and luck was with us - there was a parking area near enough for us to stop and gawk.

Highland Cattle

I'm not sure how they see; their hair droops over their faces. After admiring them for a while we continued our drive, taking a small road to see some standing stones.

Standing Stones at Achavanich

These stones at Achavanich have been standing here for about 4000 years. They are unusual in that unlike most stone circles, the sides of the stones, rather than the flat surfaces,  face the centre of the circle. These stones were in a remote field, reached by a one track road. Fortunately with the treeless landscape it was easy to see if someone was coming and you could pull into one of the passing places.

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  1. Thank you, Susan, for taking us along to the countryside of the Scotland. The pastoral landscape and the beach are beautiful, and the ancient standing stones and Highland Cattles are very unique. I saw other photos on flicker and in the third photo from the end, I found rosebay willowherb which was introduced by my Scottish blogging friend. Have a nice week.

  2. Those cattle are quite hairy - guess that protects them from the environs! Even the sheep looked thicker-skinned than our typical western USA variety.

  3. I'm enjoying your trip, Susan, through your lens. I'm fascinated by stones such as these that seem to have astrological and/or religious significance.