Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Quiet Spot

A Quiet Spot by susanvg
A Quiet Spot, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photo: July 4, 2011 (one of the small rooms overlooking the lake - a great place to play duets!)

Ah, CAMMAC. That place where the world of work dissolves as soon as I turn down the gravel road that leads to the music centre. The lake, the singing birds, the call of the loon, just being in nature, all conspire to bring a sense of peace.

People play music wherever they want: in practice huts, in studios, or on the balcony facing the lake as this accordion player did. I’m here for Early Music Week with daily schedule of classes and time to play with others just for the pleasure of making music together.

8:30 Small ensembles – two recorders, baroque flute and cello playing music by Fasch.
10:00 Vocal Technique – just breathing, making sounds and finding one’s voice through vocal exercises
11:15 – Snack
11:45 “Big Band” – Renaissance Music
1:00 Lunch followed by a much needed quiet hour
3:00 time to play music with friends or swim in the lake, go for a walk...
At 5:00 I played duets with the baroque flute player
Supper at 6:00
7:15 – instrumental ensemble
Some of the participants went to the dance – country dancing accompanied by live music – some of the teachers of the week.
I opted for a shower and earlier to bed. It’s a long day!


  1. This sounds simply lovely! What do you play and where is this place?

  2. I remember this lovely place from last year. What a treat!