Sunday, July 10, 2011

Early Morning

Early Morning by susanvg
Early Morning, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Days are full, but when they start with views like this, peace pervades the hectic schedule. Classes take place in studios in the main lodge or in small studios in the woods.

Practice Studio

At one time CAMMAC was a real escape from regular life. There was no radio, no newspapers, only one pay phone. The "real world" stopped and CAMMAC life began. Now there is wifi available (thought not a very robust connection). One place it seemed stronger was in in the stairwell. People could be found sitting on the stairs, connecting to the world outside.

Feeding the Addiction

Tuesday evening concert features participants who want to share their talents. We were treated to some cool saxophone playing and some "table music" as well as other delights.

A Little Jazz          Table Music

The evening ended with an original composition by Matthias Maute, one of the teachers - an hommage to the late Pierrette Ferth who was a regular CAMMAC participant. We often were at CAMMAC at the same time. Beautiful music played by the professional staff - a very moving  tribute, made more so as I sat next to her husband who commissioned the work. While he beamed at hearing the music for the first time, I shed a few tears in memory.

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  1. A memorable CAMMC for you, Susan. Even at your retreat, the tech world intrudes. I like that the stairwell provides the best reception! (Glad it's not in front of the lake...)