Friday, July 29, 2011

At the airport

At the airport by susanvg
At the airport, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.

Travelling on. With the expectation of early check-ins at airports, there is time to wander. This plane was parked next to the one we would be taking, but I thought the flowing lines on the tail fit in more with the sky.

We flew overnight to London and then on to Edinburgh. I was impressed by how smoothly everything went at Heathrow. Airline travel is not a particularly pleasant experience. The quality of food served has deteriorated and it was never stellar; breakfast of a large, overly sweet muffin and coffee that barely touched any coffee grounds was not very appetizing. A night sitting up while trying to sleep while a group of Spanish students chatted animatedly in full voice did not help the experience. But here we are, safely delivered to Edinburgh with many adventures ahead.


  1. Do those adventures include the second royal wedding? ;) Enjoy your time there and continue to share in photographs.

  2. Oh - have a great tour. Excited for your photos. I've never been to Edinburgh.

  3. Exciting times. We look forward to following your adventures.