Thursday, April 14, 2011


Wired, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Electricity is such an important part of our lives. here in Quebec most of our power comes from hydro-electricity, from rivers that have been dammed. Although less polluting than coal-fired plants and less dangerous than nuclear plants, nothing has zero imprint on the environment. Even wind turbines have an impact, killing birds and bats. So what is the solution? We have to learn to turn off what we don't need, to rely less on electronics for our amusement. I am not suggesting giving up these things, as I type this on an electronic device and then plan to enjoy the posts of others. Just use less that's the challenge.


  1. I think I'm more aware of turning things off and unplugging electronics not in use. I also walk or bike whenever possible. I wouldn't think of driving to run close-by errands when walking is so pleasurable (and I don't have to find a parking place!). I enlarged your shot, Susan - I like the crisscross of lines and the moody sky. It's a bit foreboding.

  2. Wired for sure. Yes, we could all use a little less electricity. Sometimes less is indeed more.

  3. Yes, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the ways we use and/or waste precious energy and all of us feel some gullt at times for leaving on an appliance we maybe could have turned off. Hopefully though we are educating our present younger generation so that what is left for them they will value and appreciate.
    Keep up the good work. I always enjoy looking at your photos.

  4. Susan.
    You have posted a great photo.
    I do not have enough English words to express my feeling of your photo. As Barb says, it is a bit foredoding. I think of some meanings the photo is quietly telling.I have found a beauty in the simplicity.I enlaged your photo too.
    Thank you.