Friday, April 29, 2011


Wheel, originally uploaded by susanvg.
The sun was at its golden hour, low on the horizon. It painted surreal colours. This old wheel sits in front of my house, parked there by former owners. Long unused for its original purpose it has been beaten by the weather.

Yet it has found a new purpose, simply decorative. We live in a throwaway society wanting ever more and discarding the "old" Electronics become out of date long before they stop working, yet we think nothing of replacing them. At the time this wheel was made, belongings were precious. Old string was reused, clothing recut and remade or the fabric could be sewn into a quilt making new from old.

I am a techie - I can't say I always live by those principles, but I am trying to move more to a simpler life where less is more. It's the only way this planet will keep on rolling.


  1. I feel the same, Susan. Old wheels, rakes, bottles, baskets, churns, oil lamps, tins, tools and even a glider...all that once belonged to grandparents, mean more to me than items I purchase.

  2. Love catching light at its best - you've definitely done well here! Not a purist myself, but I do believe it is important to constantly have the awareness of making such decisions about reuse!

  3. Susan.
    The beauties of old things always captivate me. Your wheel is lovely and tells its history.