Sunday, April 24, 2011


Parc-des-Rapides, originally uploaded by susanvg.
One of my favourite parks is beside the Lachine Rapids. It's a great place to see birds. There are always people out with very long lensed cameras. They are always willing to share photography tips or suggestions for the best places to spot the local wildlife. See photos from last week

When Europeans first settled this area, they had to portage around the rapids to travel further up the St. Lawrence River. Fur traders left from Lachine, past the rapids. Later the Lachine Canal was built and still later, the St. Lawrence Seaway which allowed large ships to bypass the rapids and through a series of locks get all the way to the Great Lakes. Some hardy souls kayak in the rapids, but I am content to simply admire them. The force of the water is impressive as it hits the underwater rocks.

Grazing Goose

Yet on land all is tranquil - a great place for birds, large and small to feel right at home. In the cove protected by this spit of land, the tranquil waters are home to many water fowl as well as mink and beaver.

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