Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 56: Life's Complexities

Day 56: Life's Complexities, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Some days I just go from one appointment to another - meetings, workshops, personal demands - the list continues throughout the day. One thing on the list rolls into the next until I feel like I am on a highway, curving around circular on and off ramps, changing direction and speeding off again. I reached the end of a tough day, with a roller coaster of things to do, from yet another funeral, to online workshops to deliver, to dinner with friends... No photographs.

Looking around the house, my eyes stopped on this piece of needlework, done in the early 70s when there seemed to be time to sit and work on crafts, to relax over the repetition of the needle going in and out, mesmerized by the changing colours. This, oh so 70s piece somehow symbolized my day - the complexity and the changing colours of my feelings. So here is my offering for this day as I take time to look back again in time.


  1. I love everything about this image - memories of a time gone by, colours, texture, depth and of course the metaphor. Isn't it great to look around your so familiar surroundings with re-focused eyes?

  2. The needlework is mesmerizing! It is like Life, isn't it? Lots of twists and turns but somehow forming a unifying whole. I enjoy your stories.

  3. Great take on the theme! Who would have thought, 30 some years ago, that this needlework would be "recycled" into new meaning!