Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 47: The End of the Concert

Day 47: The End of the Concert, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Music - it sustains my life, through listening and playing it nourishes me. Tonight I went to a concert of Les Idées heureuses - a local group that performs baroque music on period instruments. The director of the group, Geneviève Soly is passionate about her discovery of a baroque composer, Christophe Graupner. He lived in Germany at the same time as Bach. I heard a concert version of excerpts from his opera, La Costanza, which had not been heard since Graupner’s time. The goal is to present the full opera in 2010.

It is wonderful to see someone pursue her passion – to immerse herself in exploration and discovery. Genevieve has discovered manuscripts, edited and published them and has recorded many of these discoveries, either as a solo harpsichordist or with Les Idées. It is a lucky person who can combine her passion with her life’s work.

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  1. What wonderful opportunities you have to see these kinds of performances - and you too are pursuing your passion like Genevieve finding such sustenance and nourishment from early music.