Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 45: Orchid

Day 45: Orchid, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I marvel at the details on this flower. The pink veins are carefully painted on each petal. I often stop and stare, delighted each time by the patterns and complexity. Does this serve a purpose? Does beauty have to serve a purpose?

Each time this orchid blooms I am reminded of an abundance of love, so it seemed the right photograph to share on Valentine's Day. My children gave it to me a few years ago and each bloom speaks of them as unique people, growing out of the stem of our family. From the safety and strength of our relationship, they venture out, feeling supported. It is a joy to watch my children begin to blossom as adults.


  1. Just gorgeous. Love the parallels with your family life. (Just had to close the word verify - it was WEBUD...I kid you not!)

  2. Very nice! Cool subject, great exposure, cropping and DOF. Is this shot with a macro lens?

  3. I did use the macro setting on my camera - something I'm not used to using - you didn't see the photos that didn't turn out!

  4. Beautiful picture and connection. I look at the orchids longingly every time I see one in a store but resist the temptation since I fear I would not be able to keep it alive. My house is not a plant friendly home on the inside.