Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 44: Good Intentions

Day 44: Good Intentions, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Reusable shopping bags are de rigeur now. Some stores are phasing out bags and others pay five cents for each bag of your own you use for your groceries. I'm all for saving on plastic (though I do sometimes take the plastic as I have cats with litter boxes to clean). It's just that for years I have avoided wearing clothing with labels and now I find myself carrying around advertising for a variety of stores. So hard to be politically correct from every angle.

It's interesting to see how the tipping point has been reached. I carry around a nylon shopping bag that folds into itself. I used to get eyed peculiarly when I said I didn't need a bag. Now, so often, people ask before I even whip it out, whether or not I need a bag. Little steps to save the planet - but let's hope our governments finally start taking the big steps needed. If individuals can change, so can the corporations that are the largest causes of the state of our planet. Wishful thinking.


  1. The downtown association in my community put reusable shopping bags in all homeowners' mailboxes. The bags sport the "Downtown Collingwood" logo. My first reaction was to wonder if this was a good use of my tax dollars. I'm now using mine daily and with pride. I'm not advertising for any company or store in particular and I'm showing everybody my intent to shop local. I like it!

  2. Great colorful collection - mine are all from conferences over the years....But I end up doing plastic for the dog 'pick up' most of the time.

    Your commentary is also compelling - reminds me of the process (time, attitude, etc) to get to a 'nonsmoking' culture!

  3. We have a pile of these in the car and are quite forgetful about actually bringing them IN to the store! (Getting better, though!)

    Nice take on the the colors.