Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 7 Really Day 7

Dressing for the weather

I don't often take pictures of myself. I guess I always think of photographs as looking out from my eyes, not into them. Yesterday I was out walking. The wind was blowing and snow swirling around. I took this picture near one of those authentic Canadian sites (Canadian Tire). My walk outside didn't last long - but it was warmer here in Casselman than it was out west. The scene was bleak, with not much of interest to photograph, so I turned the camera on myself. In winter when outside, we huddle inside our clothes - barely outside - covered as much as the Islamic women in fundamentalist countries, with just an open space for the eyes. Here it is not modesty, just necessity. On cold days you realize how much clothing restricts - like bears ready for hibernation, we lumber encumbered by the extra bulk. Even turning ones head to see oncoming traffic sometimes results in seeing the inside of your hood. We hunker down trying to keep the wind off what little of our bodies is exposed.

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