Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7 and earlier

As I am just starting (and a few days late), I'll post several photos here.
I blogged about being part of this adventure

Day 7 January 7
I posted 2 photos today (and cheated a bit - both were taken yesterday).

I went to a recorder orchestra rehearsal last night. There is a skating rink nearby and a neighbourhood pick-up game of hockey was going on. What could be more Canadian. So I decided to include this image.

I also visited my mother-in-law (my late husband's mother) who is 100 years old. She is often angry about life and the difficulties of aging. So I tried to capture her expression of displeasure and confusion.

Day 6 - January 6

I have about 9 orchids which I love because they always surprise me. Their flowers, so detailed and magnificent last a long time. Once dormant, I put them in a small room off my kitchen. I never know how long it will take before they send out new shoots to flower again. I have no set watering schedule and don't feed them. They flourish under my benign neglect. This orchid is one of my favourites - the veins are so clear. In this photo I love the fact that this burst of colour is in front of the snowy window - a feast for the eyes in contrast to the white landscape.

Day 5 - January 5
(inspired by a photo by Lucy Gray)

I took this through my bedroom window, through the ice that had built up.


  1. Wow! Interesting photo! It looks like a painting!

  2. You made a good capture of emotion with your MIL - Physically, she looks great at 100!