Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29: And then the sun came out

I love to see the silhouettes of trees in winter. The fractalled branches, laid bare, stand out against the winter sky. Details that are hidden by the leaves are revealed, from nests to the nubbly texture of the branches of the larch.

I love the contrast between the leafless trees of winter, which let the light and view through and their summer counterparts, canopies creating shade.


  1. Quite lovely - both the text and the picture!

  2. That is beautiful! I share that love of tree silhouettes against the sky. I'm always drawn to them too!

  3. It's funny -- since taking on Project 365, I really do look at things in an entirely different way. Winter trees used to be skeletal and cold to my eyes. Now they're beautiful, intriguing, and full of great angles.

    The sun's placement in your photo is absolute perfection. Great capture!