Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24: Interpreting the Signs

Day 24: Interpreting the Signs, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I came upon these signs when I was out shopping. Sometimes it's fun to imagine what icons mean. ArrĂȘt was no problem - Stop, but stop for what or stop what? So here are some of my ideas.

Stop - female shopper. Does this mean you keep going if the shoppers are male? Do only females carry parcels? There is nothing in the mall for the men?

Stop Shopping - or you may land up in the gutter. That arrow is obviously pointing down somewhere. Excessive shopping can pave the road to hell - this is a warning.

Stop - there is a woman in high heels with too many parcels and she may trip as she steps down from the sidewalk. Does this warn against the high heels? the too many packages? not sure.

What meaning do you see?

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  1. STOP! If you're shopping in foxy heels, don't carry your own parcels. Get some hapless bloke to do it for you.

    She looks like she's levitating though!