Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 21: A promise of things to come

My house is full of flowering plants. Each December I plant an amaryllis and marvel at its speed of growth and then the bursting forth of the trumpet-like flowers. My amaryllis is on the brink, a promise of future glory. But I know there is a danger that the heavy blossoms may cause the plant to topple, as it sits in a pot of light soil, with which it was packaged and sold. The pot does not quite counterbalance the flowers.

Beautiful, ephemeral, its blooms last only a few weeks. Each day, I take time to focus on its beauty. Flowers demand that we stop and take moments of reflection. Through them we can cultivate our inner gardens.

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  1. I am watching my amarylis too. I used to always have one in class and the kids would chart the growth. You can almost see them growing.