Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18: Breakfast

Day 18: Breakfast, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Taking time - how rarely we do that. But Sunday morning is often the slot in the week when I can dawdle over breakfast. Time to sip my coffee, time to savour the food, bite by bite. Breakfast sets the tone for the day. I think of many breakfasts and the food I have eaten, devoured, wolfed, munched and sampled and it is those I have taken time over that are the most memorable.

The food I eat represents different parts of my life. Today's croissant - so Quebec (or French) just had to be served with espresso which begs to be sipped. Growing up, my adopted grandmother lived with my family for several years. With her Scottish background, she delighted in serving us porridge in the morning. To this day, I cannot eat porridge without thinking of her and each spoonful feeds my soul as much as my body. On cold mornings when I make myself a bowl of hot cereal I hear her voice telling me, "it sticks to your ribs" and as I go outside I know that I am warmed from the inside out. Montrealers are convinced we have the best bagels. Several places make them in brick ovens heated by wood fires - a legacy of the Jewish immigrants who brought their techniques and recipes. Toasted or eaten hot from the bag on the way home, they too bring back the flavours of my childhood.

On another note - I am learning how hard it is to photograph food - those cookbooks with the incredibly mouthwatering photos were produced by expert photographers. Unfortunately, when I realized I didn't have the perfect shot - I had already eaten the subject.

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